Month: September 2021

  • Daydream

    I day-dreamt again dizzied and slumbered by the souvenir of his cologne so masc, so forward I basked and lingered in the memory as my heart slowly started beating hypnotically my head spun to-and-fro as he and I dreamdanced to the beat of my heart I roused slowly with each beat as we came and […]

  • Aboard my canoe

    I’m here listening to my top hits of twenty-twenty-one I’m here listening to CANO that I binge listened all summer, our (?) summer I’m here swaying, singing along realizing even if I shared the lyrics to this award-winning tune you’d fall overboard I’m here giggling as I write this you don’t even know the band’s […]

  • Digress

    some days something makes me feel like I’m supposed to just digress digress digress digress some days I seem to feel his grave digressions deep deep inside no matter what I say no matter what I do switching topics switching cities won’t dissolve whatever it was, however good it was in its fugacious existence some […]

  • Step Outside (Unedited Version)

    Why don’t you just step outside – I’ve been waiting all night, tonight and through all those sweaty summer nights feels like you’re a product of my imagination, these days feels like you’re a ghostly love so palpable at night, but you fade by daylight you’re a ghoulish love you float through these walls I […]

  • The Rules

    Like wolves we just didn’t live by the rules those rules just didn’t stick to us cause we were way too slick when you were slip sliding by me sweaty body plus another sweaty bod-eaze is it bad that it’s too easy to slip away sometimes, if for pleasure?

  • We Grew (Sur Lies)

    like my favourite wine we grew sur lies, and we grew stronger with time unlike my favourite wine, I rested too long sur lies then we grew too strong, and started tasting like the woods behind your marital home like my favourite wine we taste great from a glass and linger pleasantly when we can […]

  • Sincerely Speechless

    I remember telling you : I say what I mean, and I mean what I say So when I said to you that I couldn’t find the words : I meant it …and I don’t : regret telling you.

  • Who Knew

    who knew, from the get-go that a poem that a handful of words a miscellany of thoughts thrown out for everyone to see could be my best effort to give you a hug right now who knew, the magnetism I feel when your chest reaches mine when your lips meet mine could reassure me I […]

  • Tonight, you’re Everlasting II

    Tonight, my train of thought keeps drifting towards you like the warm sun the last time we spent together your smile your passion your honesty honestly, everything about you is everlasting in the deepest crevices of my heart it’s been some days since, yet I don’t feel the distance between the last time or the […]

  • Step Outside

    Why don’t you just step outside I’ve been waiting all night, tonight and through all those sweaty August nights kinda feels like you’re a product of my imagination, some days kinda feels like you’re a ghost love so palpable yet, so impossible to prove you’re my ghost you just floated through these walls I put […]