Artist Statement

I am an abstract Artist and poet whose work represents snapshots of past feelings and trauma.

My Art constantly strives to illustrate the invisible, the subtle feelings, and the immaterial parts of life; I aim to visually express what words and other means of human communication can’t. This might be a soft brush stroke recalling a kiss, or colors representing the distinct tone of someone’s voice.

Much of my work deals with experiences stemming from my identity as a queer and neurodivergent person, and I let my memories and feelings guide me through every artmaking step. My process is therefore defined by improvisation and automatism. Essentially, my works are concrete records of feelings brought on by memories.

Additionally, in both visual Art and poetry, I am interested in the limits of non-representational painting and written language. I constantly wonder where visual abstraction meets language and vice versa. These ideas regarding language are fascinating as a natively bilingual person.

Through my work, I invite viewers’ honest introspections into their past, present, and future. I find that abstraction makes artwork more accessible for viewers to find their personal interpretations of a composition.