Juliette 🖤

Cherry cheesecake.
Young and the Restless.
Pets de sœurs.
Cucumbers from the garden.
Crocheted blankets.
Fresh-picked carrots.
No solicitors.
Wholesome hugs.
Mother Mary ‘round the corner…

I’m – struggling to remember all those
many moments to remember

All those moments,
blessed by the river currents

All those moments – frail,
as you were then

When I saw you last,
hugged you (much more) gently
than last time

Regretting not asking you more
about your life,
that last time

Gone with the wind now
I’ll remember you every day

Even more when the wind
makes the same sound as it did

When sitting on your porch
those summer afternoons

j’taime trop memère