Step Outside (Alt.)

Why don’t you just
step outside –

I’ve been waiting all night, tonight
and through all those
sweaty summer nights

feels like you’re
a product of my imagination,
these days

feels like you’re
a ghostly love
so palpable at night,
but you fade by daylight

you’re a ghoulish love
you float through
these walls I built
to save myself

yet here we are,
together within whatever this is
trapped in these sheets
of this faithless marital bed

will you stay, will you fade
or will I move forwards?

//  free gaslights to light the way //

should I Ouija board it?
am I stuck with you now?

where the hell am I
why are we here?

my heart strings
are tighter than they’ve
ever been,

will they sing
or will they snap?

Written July 15, 2021