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  • Who Knew

    who knew, from the get-go that a poem that a handful of words a miscellany of thoughts thrown out for everyone to see could be my best effort to give you a hug right now who knew, the magnetism I feel when your chest reaches mine when your lips meet mine could reassure me I […]

  • Tonight, you’re Everlasting II

    Tonight, my train of thought keeps drifting towards you like the warm sun the last time we spent together your smile your passion your honesty honestly, everything about you is everlasting in the deepest crevices of my heart it’s been some days since, yet I don’t feel the distance between the last time or the […]

  • Step Outside

    Why don’t you just step outside I’ve been waiting all night, tonight and through all those sweaty August nights kinda feels like you’re a product of my imagination, some days kinda feels like you’re a ghost love so palpable yet, so impossible to prove you’re my ghost you just floated through these walls I put […]

  • Bye-Lingual

    I found you by accident, I didn’t follow no trace I wasn’t looking I was free flowing through each day each breath day by day, night by night When I found you, my heart stopped and started again, a sort of reset When I found you my wedding ring finger tattoo reminded me of my […]

  • Like the French do

    can’t sayI love you won’t sayI like you shouldn’t stayquiet know I can’tkeep quiet either way I’ll lovelike the french do, je t’aime

  • Tonight, you’re Everlasting

    Tonight, I can’t get my mind to not think of you like the sunset that night, you’re everlasting while we may not be together tonight, I don’t feel like we’re apart gosh, the thought of you reminds me that you’ll : be okay. Can’t deny I’m worried.

  • Cookie

    who knew this is how our cookie would crumble we must’ve forgotten the egg hard to stick together after a while at least it was sweet while it lasted well, c’est la vie I guess

  • Tonight, the Sun

    Tonight – even the sunset its colours, the clouds, and the wind try to lead me to you they all point towards you it’s like they all know about you and I it’s like they know how your lips take me elsewhere somewhere far from here tonight, after it kept me company, the reddish sun […]

  • Last Night

    The night I met you I caught the moon looking at us, and it noticed your eyes, on me The night I met you I never thought I’d feel your lips in the way that I did The lips of you felt like a portal right through the deepest part of your tender heart

  • Glass of Whine II

    It’s been a while yet I still feel you against me as I lay here It’s been a while since I broke your glass(es) full of rosé (Can you see clearly now?) It’s been a while, yet tonight, my goddamn glass of wine tastes like your lips