Tag: Traces of Blue

  • Daydream


    I day-dreamt againdizzied and slumberedby the souvenir of his cologneso masc, so forward I basked and lingeredin the memoryas my heart slowlystarted beating hypnotically my head spun to-and-froas he and I dreamdancedto the beat of my heart I roused slowly with each beatas we came and wentfrom side to sideuntil he dropped my hand that […]

  • Meaty Heart

    Meaty Heart

    Your heart had been aching for so longits strings were tangling togetherby its own chaotic beat you told me those peopleplayed you like an old violinwith weakened strings they made you feel so goodplayed your stringsthey made you feel alive again then they went too fastyour strings snapped,then they struck you deeply you called them […]

  • Regurgitation (Wine Terror)

    Regurgitation (Wine Terror)

    Fuck you!he said,drowning in a wine terror back up to the surface he’s regurgitating now all of itall of those things theydid and do to him I look at him nowas he crawls back from the toiletas he’s losing controlhis tears start falling down defeated, tornand dripping all over he’s hurting, I understand : he […]

  • Should there be no trace

    Should there be no trace

    should there be no trace of ushere at this brewpub table should there be no trace of you here,or of your car parked here should there be no trace hereof your drunken tears and terrors and should there be no traceof you, on my bedsheets next to me I’ll trace the lineand I’ll memorize it […]

  • Forgetamine 200

    Forgetamine 200

    I searched too deepI searched too far I’m so far gonewith my selfish attemptsto know why I’m notyours anymore I’ve forgotten who I amwhile you’re out there,living your best lifewith this boy,your current receptaclefor your nightly pollutions despite what I founddespite himdespite it all I still tryto swallow that pillthe one he left,forgetamine 200mgit’s pale-colouredand […]