Category: Secret Traces

  • You Know

    You know,for a long, long timeI kept thinking about how I couldleave you, end us, move on You know,for a long, long timeI’ve kept thinking about howI left you, f***ed up, tried to move on You know,for a long, long timeI’ve kept thinking about you I haven’t stopped thinkingabout youabout how I left you I…

  • Waltz


    You waltzed in, like you doblue suit, new shoesI should’ve known – bad news You waltzed in, grinded your way towards my deepest part You waltzed in, keychain in handready to key me into your busy schedule You waltzed in, down low in your suitready to lay down the law You waltzed down my street,…

  • Wonder


    You made me wonder, you knowwhen I couldn’t reach outwhen I saw you, couldn’t wave You made me wonder, you knowwhen our moments started to lingerwhen you lingered on me again, and again You made me wonder, you knowafter late evening callsand morning escapades to the falls You know, I wondered about youwhen my purified…

  • Everlasting 3.65

    Everlasting 3.65

    Tonight,my heart-shipchanged its courseto sail away – away from the cold snapyou sent my way the cold snap thatfrostbit me, andthe memory of :your smileyour passionour fire not even the torrid heat todaycould warm it up again tonight, avoidingthe thought ofmy lips on yoursor you here with meis tortuous didn’t expectthe thought of you, us,…

  • Sometimes, in the Summer

    Sometimes, in the Summer

    sometimesthroughout the summer,I stared at stars –hoping you were well sometimesI stared at starsnot knowing how you werecause I didn’t knowI couldn’t know sometimes this summerI caught myselfstarting at those starsand told myself – it’s overwhenever I see him

  • The Night We Met

    The Night We Met

    the night we met,you kissed me firstI thought it was kinda cute but I didn’t know,what I know now the night we met,you dissolved my chastenessI thought you were nice but I didn’t know,what I know now the night we met,I told myselfI’ll never kiss this man again but I didn’t knowwhat I know now…

  • We Grew Sur Lies (Alt.)

    We Grew Sur Lies (Alt.)

    like my favourite winewe grew sur lies,and we grew with time unlike my favourite wine,we grew too strongtoo woody, too sultry your ineptitudeat loving your-truemost-selfgot us corked got us trapped in a bottleof cheap rosé drunk on your liesI stayed too long, sur liesimmobilized by your high liesand my addlepated heart finally, we evaporatedwhen your…

  • Aboard My Canoe

    Aboard My Canoe

    I’m herelistening to my top hitsof twenty-twenty-one I’m herelistening to CANOthat I binge listenedall summer, our (?) summer I’m hereswaying, singing alongrealizing even if I sharedthe lyrics to this award-winning tuneyou’d fall overboard I’m heregiggling as I write thisyou don’t even know the band’s nameis a homophone for canoe – in French I’m hereknowing I’ve…

  • Digress


    some dayssomething makes mefeel like I’m supposedto just digressdigress digressdigress some daysI seem to feel hisgrave digressionsdeep deepinside no matter what I sayno matter what I doswitching topicsswitching cities won’t dissolvewhatever it was,however good it was in itsfugacious existence some days,make me feel likeI can’t di-grieve him awayfrom deep inside me

  • Step Outside (Alt.)

    Step Outside (Alt.)

    Why don’t you juststep outside – I’ve been waiting all night, tonightand through all thosesweaty summer nights feels like you’rea product of my imagination,these days feels like you’rea ghostly loveso palpable at night,but you fade by daylight you’re a ghoulish loveyou float throughthese walls I builtto save myself yet here we are,together within whatever this…